Sundol is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is the closest city to the Cape of Carnage, so the founders created it out of necessity. In order to keep the monsters from eating the tribe, walls were made so that the soldiers could shoot bows or throw spears from inside. Over the many, many years it has grown and improved and now the city has walls secure enough to stop a Titanblood attack.


Sundol has 3 classes of inhabitants: Citizens, Aristocracy, and Royalty. The Aristocracy is comprised of 80 people who have proven themselves worthy. The Royalty consists of a King, Queen, and 10 other people. There is no divine right, and all members of the royalty are chosen based on having the strongest and most resilient genetics. All other members of the city are basic citizens.

There are two native types of people in Sundol: Plebians and Centurions. Plebians have the same structure and body type as humans from any other city, however Centurions are different. They stand approximately 8 feet tall and have a much higher muscle density. Being a centurion is a recessive trait, so there are 50% more Centurion men than women. The Aristocracy of the city control the birthrights of the people, so great care goes into retaining a specific number of Centurions.

All citizens of Sundol are required to mandatory conscription upon turning 14. They are trained until they reach 21 where they then can go into any vocation. They are still retained as reserve military. The main crops are wheat and soy, while farmers raise lizards and goats. Sundol has some of the most well rounded technology, however they do not excel in any one field.


Long ago, the Sundol tribe was a nomadic tribe of people wandering through the desert. After being besieged constantly by monsters and warring tribes, the cheiftan decided that the tribe needed technology to survive. So he and his people built ramparts and walls to protect them while they fought invaders. This was one of the first cities ever created. Because of this they soon discovered farming and animal husbandry. This caused the city to grow and population to boom.

The dangers of the desert soon became larger and the Titanblood monsters began arriving from the Cape of Carnage. The chieftan knew he had to increase the strength of his people to fend off these new dangers, so he strengthened the city walls. This was not enough, so he trained his warriors. That was still not enough, so he worked with his smartest members to create new technologies and new tactics. That was still not enough, so finally he decided that he needed his warriors to be stronger, healthier, and faster.

He spent many years experimenting with forbidden and dangerous magics trying to make his warriors the strongest. Many people were lost, but on a cold winter night he finally succeeded. He was able to remove the weakness from his soldiers, extracting it through their chests. This weakness became manifested as a small, quivering humanoid called a Scab. After this process happens the person becomes a Centurion, grows 2 feet, develops muscle, and is fearless.


The King and Queen are mostly figureheads of the city. They are specifically chosen to have the highest quality genetic material and then are responsible for producing many offspring. Their input is generally highly regarded, but they have no actual power other than being above basic law. The Aristocracy functions as the legislative body and handles the day-to-day operations of the city including matching people together for reproductive purposes.

A judicial panel is appointed with direct votes from the people. This panel runs trials for people accused of crime and issues punishments. Policing and law enforcement are done by the standing army.

Notable City Features

The Castle

The castle is where the Royalty live, in addition to all of the offices for the public servants. It is a large stone structure located centrally in the city.

The Barracks

The barracks house all of the soldiers who are in the standing army as well as all the ones who are still in training. It has capacity for 2000 soliders at any one point in time.

The Ampitheater

An incredibly large ampitheater lies just beyond the castle, so that the King and Queen my watch from their balcony. The amiptheater is used to host plays, shows, competitions, and feasts. It can seat 5000 people.

The Jails

There are two jails, one for minor crime and one for violent crime. The jail for minor crimes is much more white collar and houses prisoners who did things such as reproduce with the wrong person. They are given work to do of a clerical or trained nature and are generally treated very kindly.

The other jail is for violent criminals. They are given much more dangerous tasks, which often involve going outside the city to mine, hunt, search, or explore.

The Walls

The walls surrounding the city are 100 feet tall and made from stone and mortar. There is a walkway across the entire top of the wall with slots for archers to shoot from. There is also a supply of large rocks and boiling oil that can be dropped on intruders. The main gate has a secondary wall inside it, so that should something breach the gate it is trapped again.


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