What is Moxie?

Moxie is a resource used for controlling randomness and luck. Characters can spend moxie to invoke Aspects or in any other way the GM allows.

How To Spend

  • Invoke Aspect
  • Gain advantage on a skill check
  • Force a story plot line
    • Remembering to bring a towel
    • Met minor NPC long ago
    • Change how the bad guy died

Managing Moxie

Characters have an amount of Moxie at character creation. This is their base amount. Every so often, at the GM’s discretion, the amount of Moxie a character has resets to this value, so it is good to spend it before then. Moxie is gained whenever a GM invokes a character’s Aspects or if the GM decides to award Moxie for actions in the game. Moxie is usually reset in between major quests.

Players can spend moxie to perform a fantastic action. If a player is making a skill check, he can spend moxie to help him succeed. If the skill check is related to one of the player’s Aspects, spending 1 moxie causes it to be an automatic success, otherwise he/she gains 2d6 for each moxie spent.


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