House Rules


The purpose of this system is to maximize fun and minimize anti-fun. You should use this if you are tired of the following things:

  • Combat that takes forever
  • Stereotypical characters
  • Having to round your character ideas down to fit inside classes
  • Excessive reliance on combat
  • Min-Maxing
  • Not being able to choose your own destiny in the GM’s world

In this system, all challenges or skill checks are decided once. Instead of rolling a check to swing a sword in combat, you roll a check for the entire combat. The result of the check is a guideline for the margin of success. Once the result is in, the GM and the players fill in the results. This speeds things along, allows the characters to help add their own style to the combat, and prevents the players and the GM from becoming slaves to the rules. There are no results to fudge, because the check does not decide an exact outcome, only a guideline for how well you succeed or fail.


Characters have Attributes, Skills, Aspects, Quests, and Tasks.

  • Attributes are numerical measures of your characters body and mind. Attributes are bought at character creation or earned through intensive training.
  • Skills define everything your character does, from academics, to combat, to hobbies, etc. Skills are earned by specifically training them.
  • Aspects are qualitative measures of your character. They are both positive and negative and can be invoked by the character or the GM to perform actions. Aspects are given to the character at creation or earned as the campaign progresses.
  • Quests are goals for your character. They are assigned by the player or the GM.
  • Tasks are things that your character does or can do. While adventuring characters can usually accomplish one task during the downtime. During downtime characters can accomplish two tasks.

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House Rules

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