Health is how much physical damage your character can take before dying. Every time your character takes damage, his/her health is reduced. If health reaches 0 then he/she dies. Health can be recovered naturally with time, with medicine, or with the use of life magics.

Physical Trauma

If your character sustains a sufficiently bad wound, they may develop a lasting injury. These are manifested as a traumatic aspect. These are invoked like aspects, however they have no positive effect. For example, if your character gets stabbed in the ear, he may lose his/her hearing in one ear. This aspect could then be invoked to prevent your character from hearing something.


Sanity is the measure of how much mental strain your character can take before he/she goes insane. If your character does/witnesses/learns of something overly distressing his/her sanity is reduced. If it reaches 0 the player is no longer in control of the character and he/she is lost. Sanity can be regained with time, therapy, and with the use of mind magics.

Sanity Trauma

If you experience a sufficiently traumatic event, it may mentally scar you. For every trauma point you accrue, you get a traumatic aspect. For example, if your character is damaged by a huge swarm of feral spiders, he/she may become afraid of spiders. This aspect could be invoked to make your character flee in a situation involving spiders.


Moxie can be a lot of things. Literally, it is a resource gained and spent by your character to influence the world around him. This could manifest in many different ways, from sheer luck to changing the actions of another character and everything in between. If there is something that you want to happen in the game, discuss with the GM, it may be as simple as spending Moxie.


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