What is an Aspect?

Aspects are qualitative ways of describing your character. Aspects give no outright bonus to your character, but can be invoked by the player or the GM to grant a temporary bonus or influence the story.

For example an adventurer may have the “Adrenaline Junky” aspect. This aspect would be invoked by the player to grant him a bonus to a skill check related to skydiving or some other related activity. The GM could invoke this aspect to force the player to embark on a dangerous mission or make a rash decision.

Another example would be “Lucky”. This aspect could be invoked to influence a game of chance or one-in-a-million occurrence. The GM could invoke it to make a bad one-in-a-million occurrence, or make the character lucky in a situation where it would be ironically bad.

To see more examples check out List of Aspects


Aspects are invoked by spending Moxie. Invoking an aspect costs between 1 and 2 Moxie depending on the difficulty. If the GM invokes the aspect, the player gains Moxie. This Moxie is lost if not used before a Moxie reset.


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