Titan's Death

In contrast to the other orc tribes, the Titan’s Death tribe has a leader. The leader is succeeded by whoever manages to kill him, so one may think the position changes rapidly, however the leader is usually so fearful and strong that no one can manage to kill him. The leader is the only one who is allowed to carry A’Stakroth, the holy weapon. A’Stakroth is a spear made out of the tusk of an elephant, and was the only weapon strong enough to pierce the skull of the Titan. This weapon has been handed down through the thousands of years and is said to have an unquenchable thirst for blood and overwhelming magical properties.

When the chieftan of Titan’s Death goes into this rage, the other member notice that he will soon be dead and vie to become the chieftan. Unfortunately for them the chieftan, being the strongest and wielding A’Stakroth, usually is near unkillable, so the orcs use this as a challenge to show their strength. Bloodbaths ensue but a victor always emerges.

Legend has it, that once the first chieftan of Titan’s Death rose to power, he took all of the riches the Titan owned for himself. When he was going into his Pon’Farr, he decided to protect the wealth. To do this he created a new race that exists solely for this purpose. He knew that Orcs could not do it, because they were too intelligent and would keep the wealth for themselves, so he created a race of imbeciles of unmatched strength who are bred for a sole purpose of protecting this treasure. He placed all the treasure on top of the Plateau of Pain and surrounded it with Giants.

The orcs of Titan’s Death believe that one day the treasure will come back to them, but only when they need it. None of them actually know what any of it is, but many orcs decide that they want to find it for themselves so they go to the Plateau of Pain in search of it. None have succeeded.

Titan's Death

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