Orcs are one of the monstrous races (Orcs, Goblins, Giants, and Vash). Your run of the mill orc will stand about 7 feet tall. They have green skin, but it is almost always covered in scars, scabs, and burns. They have thick, pointed tusk like teeth that stick out of their mouth. The orcs usually sharpen their tusks as well as their normal teeth.

The largest difference between orcs and normal humans is the way in which they reproduce. The orcish communities are centered around a spawning pool where orcs deposit their sperm and eggs. The spawning pools are usually large pits of mud, blood, gore, and live bodies. The whole pool is kept warm with fires and with fresh bodies. The orc children develop, gaining nutrients from the bodies and gore thrown into the pool. They develop and emerge completely alone and fending for themselves. Cannibalism is very common. The orcish cities are usually organized in a free-for-all manner, however the protection of the spawning pool is their only common goal that unites them.

Orcs in general do not reproduce until they enter a “Mating Season” of sorts when they then become even more bloodthirsty and strong. They undergo a physical change where their skin turns more reddish, they unconsciously grind their teeth into sharp points, they bulk up, their eyesight worsens, and they emit a pungent sweat. They become about twice as strong as they once were physically and are five times as emotional. These orcs generally bulk up like this over the course of 1 month. At the end, they have the overwhelming urge to reproduce, so they go back to the spawning pool. Each locality has different rituals for spawning, however most of them have the same traits. This ritual usually involves an orc spilling his or her own blood into the pool to symbolize the gift of life, and hopes that the orcs blood will give the spawn strength. The orcs then submerge themselves into the pool so that they are consumed by the spawn inside. Their seed is scattered in the process. Due to this ritual, orcs do not have external genitalia, instead keep them internal. The difference between male and female orcs is so small, that it often impossible to tell them apart.


Thousands of years ago, there was just a single tribe of Orcs that lived in ancient Garrusum. There was a single Titan who was the supreme ruler of everything. He ruled over all the races on the entire continent. He would go to each city of people and demand tribute, or else he would squish them. While he was away collecting tribute from the far off tribes, the orcs decided they had enough with the Titan and were going to kill him. When he finally returned, they swarmed him. He batted them away with his mighty fists and feet, scattering them all across Hell’s Pass, forming the many orc cities. But there was a small group of the strongest, bravest orcs that kept fighting.

This group of orcs climbed up the Titan, all the way to his skull. The strongest orc of them all was able to pierce through his skull with an elephant tusk spear. The orcs tunneled into his skull where they consumed him from the inside, killing him. These orcs created a city on the corpse of the fallen Titan, known as Titan’s Death, which is now the most feared city on the continent. The spear used to pierce the skull of the Titan became imbued with his magic, and is now know as A’Stakroth. He who wields A’Stakroth is the chieftan of Titan’s Death.

The orcs of Titan’s Death had all of the money from the Titan’s tribute for themselves. The chieftain decided that the wealth needed protection, but also that it’s presence would weaken the orcs. He decided to put the treasure on top of the Plateau of Pain and to create a race of people whose sole purpose was to protect it. Thus, he created the giants, a race of pure might; so imbecilic that they cannot comprehend the wealth that they protect and so strong that no one else can retrieve it from the.It is prophesied that the orcs of Titan’s Death will one day retrieve the treasure, when they are in need of it.

The goblins came into existence later. 10 miles from Garrusum, there is a place known as Hell’s Crater. It is a dark hole in the ground, 100 feet in diameter and of seemingly infinite depth. When an orc wanted to punish another orc more severely than he could by merely killing them, he would throw that orc into Hell’s Mouth. The orcs that survived the fall were left in a world harsh and remote. Over the thousands of years, these orcs evolved into the sniveling, coward like race known as the goblins, a fate that the orcs would consider beyond all else. They traverse a large underground network of tunnels and congregate in warrens.


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