Goblins have spawning pools like Orcs, but it is not necessary for them to be large. Having been stuck in the caves all over the Hell’s Pass area, they did not have the luxury of a central spawning pool. A goblin male and Goblin female usually find each other and construct a spawning pool for only themselves. This is usually a small hole in the rocks. They fill it with some plants, insects, or dead animals. The two goblins then mate in the pool, which leaves them dead. Their corpses decompose and a litter of goblins forms in the pool. In approximately 1 month the baby goblins emerge. A single litter contains anywhere from 5-30 goblins, however most of them do not survive to adulthood.

Goblins are much weaker and more scrawny than Orcs, however they are sometimes exceedingly clever. Since they can not usually kill predators with superior strength and they usually do not work together, they have to best their opponents by using their wits. While it is true that in general they are not as strong as a Human would be, in time they may evolve to be quite intelligent.

Goblin warrens are scattered all over the world, and are usually interconnected by thin tunnels where goblins traveled usually to run from predators. A large warren usually contains up to 400 goblins, but smaller warrens can be as few as 20.


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